Company Information

Key Personnel

Hannah Simcoe-Read, Founder, CEO

During her 25 year career in business and academic, Hannah’s experience spans the US, India and Africa and eastern and western Europe. Hannah is by training a social and cognitive research psychologist, but worked as an Industrial Analyst for Japanese Banks, as an academic teaching and researching entrepreneurship, and as Founder Publisher for an award winning publishing house, and as International consultant. She acted as MD for a number of high-tech spin - out companies in Germany and the UK.  Her work portfolio includes delivering successfully nationally and internationally development projects. All projects across several sectors have as key communality strategic economic development and tactical implementations to benefit the local communities. Projects span low- cost EU wide SME electronic funding mechanisms to sustainable low cost housing in Kenya, implementing GP services in Latvia and Russia to the economic redevelopment of a harbour in Lithuania, and the re-development of the Chemie AG in Bitterfeld (Germany), the most polluted area in Europe via innovative spin-out redeploying local expertise.

Dr Sami Al Aibi, CTO

Sami is a highly experienced water scientist and Part-time Research Fellow in Chemical & Process Engineering Department - Centre of Reverse Osmosis and Application (CORA) at Surrey University . He was a key researcher to the innovation to setting up Modern Water PLC working with Prof Adel Sharif.  Sami’s expertise is in waste water treatment and the desalination process in the Middle East and developing countries. His particular research and application expertise is in purification techniques for uranium.

His present research includes water filtration using sand and other filtration media such as crushed glass media, for the adsorption of specific organic compounds and heavy metals, onto granular activated carbon.  His techniques include the manufacturing of granular activated carbon using different activation methods based on agricultural by-product.  Sami has lead large scale rural water projects in the Middle East.

Over the last years he has become a leading expert  in designing and the leading operation of the desalination processes, using forward and reverses osmosis membranes.

Joe Chan, CFO

Joe has over 25 years experience providing effective business and technological solutions in different industries.
He graduated as an engineer and research scientist before receiving a professional training in banking and finance,
and moved on to hold senior management positions in several international companies, involving corporate finance,
mergers and acquisitions and asset finance. Joe is a current stakeholder in several and advisor to voluntary and
charitable organisations.

Kavita Monani, MBA  – Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Kavita is situated in Rajkot , Gujarat and is leading the market entry strategy  and relationship management across NGO’s, Government and organisation for the NVH products and services.   Kavita was previously  working as International Marketing Manager for Indina Business School driving and implementing  international relationship.

Ismail Ahmed, BSc, African Business Development Officer

Ahmed is a native Norwegian, English and Swahili speaker. He grew up in the Somalian part of Kenya and also in Norway. His experience in working across cultural and economic borders allows him to build multinational teams for social and/or commercial projects. Ismail has a degree in Business Administration and trained in high level security with the Norwegian army. Ismail is currently financial director for his father’s construction company working with NVH to implement the NVH DRDO tested bioprocessor in new housing developments.



Harish Gaglani , Financial Adviser

Harish has worked in commerce and general practice for over 30 years. He has extensive experience in advising individuals, partnerships and SMEs on accounting, audit, taxation and in providing a boardroom view on strategic and/or management aspects of the business.

Daval Monani MA, MBA, Indian Strategy Adviser

CEO of FHRS, one of Indian's leading development companies focused of affordable housing and slum rehabilitation, working independently and in partnership with governments. FHRS works closely with the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad. He is a architect with double masters in design from Queensland University of Technology and University of Wales. Post masters design scholar at Domus Academy, Milan. MBA from IESE, Barcelona. Daval has worked at affordable housing private equity firm, International Housing Solutions and is head of affordable housing vertical at Indian School of Business (ISB)

Dr Mala Rao OBE, Public Health Adviser 

During her 30-year career in NHS public health, Professor Rao’s work in policy, practice, teaching and research has had a major impact in both the UK and India. She established the first evidence-based cancer service network in England, and led the delivery of its public health skills and career framework, setting out the skills and competences required at every level of the public health career ladder.
Her recent work has focused on highlighting the health impacts of climate change, directing the first Institute of Public Health in India, and the evaluation of health insurance schemes and development of primary care in India.

Dr Richard Zheng PhD,  Intellectual Property Adviser 

Dr Richard Zheng has extensive experience in the management of intellectual property. He has a PhD in medical research from Imperial College London as well as a medical degree. His broad range of achievements has established a strong reputation and he was invited by the United Nations to give speeches on intellectual property management on numerous occasions.  

Frank Leonhardt, Systems Adviser

Frank was responsible for many early microcomputer products in the 1980's before moving into writing and consultancy. He specialises in security and reliability issues in technology-based systems, as well as low-impact environmentally sensitive development, and high reliability project management and quality assurance processes.