EU Ganga Platform

London - July 2015

The British Government has asked NVH Technology to help in a bid for a major EU project to help clean up the Ganga (Ganges) river in India. 

Joint Venture with Russetts Developments

June 2015

NVH is pleased to announce a joint venture with Russetts Developments to start the manufacturing of Bio-seed tanks in India. Russetts has been pioneering water storage solutions since 1982 and are leading experts in the use of butyl rubber for all types of liquid containment. The Indian joint-venture arrangement has been supported by the UK-India Business Council.

LooPods to be manufactured in India

Jan 2015

NVH Technology is close to a deal with a major developer of plastics manufacturing machinery to produce LooPods in India using their innovative technology for turning recycled plastic into durable and good-looking products.

NVH signs MOU with eKutier

India - Nov 2014

NVH is working on a plan with eKutir in India to install safe sanitation in rural Orissa. As part of the project, local women acting as a collective will buy and operate LooPods as "sanipreneurs". In addition to running the off-mains public toilets, they will be trained to 
help with local health and sanitation initiatives.

 Forward osmosis filtration research and development

London 1st June 2014

Gift Agreement between the University of Surrey and NVH Technology

NVH Technology will provide the University of Surrey with a gift to cover 6 months salary and on costs of Dr Sami Al Aibi to continue and complete the project work aimed to provide practical and affordable water filtration solutions for people living in areas of water scarcity or in emergency situations who lack access to safe drinking water. The project, supported by the Medicor Foundation, began in Jan 2012, and has tested a number of devices of varying scale and technologies which are capable of producing drinking water from any source of water, irrespective of any impurities it may contain for individuals and communities in developing countries.

By the end of the additional six months, the intention is that both the portable water purification device and the larger household/village-scale osmosis filtration system will have fully-operational prototype devices/rigs constructed, tested and optimised under different operating conditions with resultant data evaluated and final reports produced.

First Loo Pod under construction

London - 12th March 2014

The first Loo Pods for installation in Hyderabad are now under construction, with an expected completion date of June.

UK Test Site under construction

London - 1st Feb 2014

Construction has started on NVH's new test site for bio processing toilets in Horsted Keynes, West Sussex, UK. It will include a bio-digester used to provide a reference for EU approval of the process. Completion is expected by April.

Loo Pod about to be revealed

London - 15th October 2013

Following months of design and development, the design of the iconic loo-pods for the bio-processing toilets for deployment throughout India are about to be delivered by Ramboll Engineering.


Harish Gaglani accepts award for Macalvins


House of Lords, London, 29th September 2013

Partner in Macalvins, and Finance Director of NVH Technology was delighted to accept The British Community Honours Award on behalf of Macalvins in recognition of their charity work.


Test site in Sussex established

Sussex, England, August 2013

NVH obtained permissions to construct a DRDO type human waste processing facility at a site in West Sussex in order to evaluate performance as part of the EU regulatory requirements.

Deal struck with Defence Research Laboratory

Hyderabad, July 2013

NVH secured a world-wide joint-working agreement with the Indian Ministry of Defence Research Laboratory (DRDO) to share research in human waste sanitation management. NVH's CEO, Hannah Simcoe-Read, while in India negotiating the deal,  said "This is an amazing process and it will shake up sanitation on a global scale".

Investors meeting a great success

London, 27th June 2013

During an investors meeting at the Lansdowne Club in London, attendees had a chance to see a presentation of the technology working at sites in India, and a virtual tour of the production facilities in Hyderabad. It was decided to create a SEED enterprise investment scheme company to aid further project funding.

Deal with Banka BioLoo Cemented

Haywards Heath, England, 1st May 2013

Namita Banka CEO of Banka Bioloo, Hyderabad joined NVH in London to establish a joint venture between the two companies for the development of environmentally friendly and safe bio-digesting sanitation products. Comment on the deal, Mrs Banka welcomed the input of international engineering and financial support to help the company sustain its 400% annual growth rate. NVH's CEO, Hannah Simcoe-Read said "Together we can change change sanitation around the world. I'm especially pleased at the way this technology can change the lives of women, and especially promote the education of girls in the developing world, for whom decent toilets at school are essential."

Bacteria tested by UK Government

Winchester, March 2013

The bacteria used to inoculate human waste digesters in the DRDO/Banka Bioloo process was tested by the UK government Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratory Agency  (part of DEFRA) and they were able to confirm the composition of the cocktail of naturally occurring bacteria was benign, and that the output of the digestion process was pathogen-free.