What We Do

NVH Technology is a group of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and financiers with a passion about water.  We have a common admiration for water’s simple beauty, to its essential life giving quality and a combined distaste of the mindless wasting and contamination of this elixir.

Human waste, particularly faecal waste, is one of the main polluters of groundwater around the globe. Sanitation issues affect public health and individual well being. NVH has partnered Shubhra BioTech and the Indian Ministry of Defence Research Laboratory, and has created a low-cost and environmentally sensitive biological solution to prevent groundwater pollution. The Indian Army has used the core technology safely and successfully for over twenty years. NVH is currently developing the process for regulatory approval in the EU.

NVH Technology's management team has experience in the research and application of robust waste water recycling methods in large-scale plants in  the Middle-East and Europe. These processes have now been downscaled to provide on-site zero liquid discharge waste water management solutions for suitable for the smallest residential developments too.

The internationally assembled NVH team members gives them an operating presence in the UK, the USA, China, Brazil, Qatar, Jordan, Oman, India, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Greece, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Our mission is to use and apply our joint scientific, engineering, medical, financial expertise and life experiences, to creating technological and social solutions for the world's community.